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Dear Dr. NAACLS,

In the new Standards that were adopted in October 2012, Standard 2B states the following in regards to an annual submission of outcomes measures:

“If the outcomes measure(s) does/do not meet the stated NAACLS approved benchmarks (see NAACLS website), then an analysis and action plan must be submitted to correct the deficiency(ies).”

I’ve looked everywhere on the website but I can’t seem to find these benchmarks.  Can you tell me where I can find them? And when will we be asked to submit these?


Dr. Just Getting Ready

Dear Dr. Just Getting Ready,

Actually, the reason that you cannot find the benchmarks at this particular point in time is because they have not been established yet.

Back in March of this year, NAACLS President Jerry Phipps wrote a piece for the NAACLS News that explained the “aftershock” as a result of the new Standards.  Essentially, two task forces were created and appointed by the NAACLS Board of Directors to create the different documents and policies that were needed for the new Standards.  Much of the work has been done and is slated to come before the Board of Directors in September of this year for final approval.

The benchmarks that are referenced in Standard 2B, when they are established and approved, will be found in a document that is currently being created by one of the aforementioned task forces.    The final result will be a living document on NAACLS Website that includes required and/or suggested documentation to demonstrate compliance with the new Standards.  Remember the matrices that follow both the Core and Unique Standards in the current Guide to Accreditation/Approval?    This new document will be similar to the matrices, but much more expansive and detailed.

As far as when the annual reporting of outcomes will begin – this process will be decided by the NAACLS Board of Directors at their upcoming September 2013 meeting, along with the proposals from the appointed task forces.  Remember, it has already been established that the first Self-Study that NAACLS will accept under the new Standards will be Fall of 2014, so if you have any questions on your program’s Self-Study due date, please contact your Accreditation/Approval Coordinator!




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