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What You May Have Missed Dr. NAACLS – November Workshop Preview November workshop presenters Laura Ahonen and Charity Accurso joined members of NAACLS Staff to preview the upcoming event and answer your questions. President’s Report: NAACLS – New Dawn President Peter Hu gives an overview of NAACLS’s new strategic plan, in his last President’s Report […]

Welcome to a new feature of the NAACLS News, "Under the Microscope". Every second Wednesday, the NAACLS Staff will provide links to articles you may have missed over the past couple months, as well as a preview of what we have planned.

Greetings, colleagues! It is hard to believe almost another year has gone by since I wrote the last “President’s Report.  While the world may still be under an ongoing pandemic, NAACLS has been moving forward with its strategic plan and maintaining the same services as it has always been.  So let us take a closer look at the new strategic plan. 

NAACLS Staff spent the past year discussing how to provide more relevant content for program directors and volunteers. After helpful feedback from the Board of Directors, NAACLS developed a content schedule that will feature classic staples of the NAACLS News, new opportunities for our most experienced volunteers to provide valuable perspectives, and re-imagined concepts for more interaction between program directors, our content experts, and NAACLS Staff.

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