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By Bill Hunt, MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM

NAACLS Needs You!!

In the Mission of NAACLS it states that we are, “dedicated to peer review as the foundation of accreditation and approval.” We are an agency that, “strives to prepare volunteer reviewers and to assist them in providing exemplary program analysis, based upon principles of honesty, fairness, objectivity and integrity.”

As many of you are fully aware there continues to be a large bolus of retirements hitting laboratory education and NAACLS. That “brain drain” impacts not only the available pools of active practitioners and program faculty but NAACLS pool of volunteers also. Retiring people can still stay connected and involved by serving as NAACLS volunteers. For the “new” program directors a great way to immerse in the standards and to learn about other programs is to volunteer to be elected as a member of the NAACLS BOD, Doctoral Review Committee, Review Committee for Accredited Programs or Programs Approval Review Committee. Volunteer to be a Self-Study Report Reviewers or a Site Visitor. For information reach out to the NAACLS office or follow the link for the NAACLS Volunteer Manual for Self-Study Report Reviewers and Site visitors.

Multiple studies have shown that volunteering has real, measurable health benefits for the people who volunteer. A 2013 study by UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH) and the Optum Institute shows:

  • Health: volunteers say that they feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally;
  • Stress: volunteering helps people manage and lower their stress levels;
  • Purpose: volunteers feel a deeper connection to communities and to others;
  • Engagement: volunteers are more informed health care consumers, and more engaged and involved in managing their health.

We all volunteer for a myriad of reasons. Personally I volunteer at NAACLS to ensure that our profession continues to produce the next generation of competent laboratory professionals. So please consider joining the NAACLS volunteer team.

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Dear Dr. NAACLS,

I am working on my self study and I have a question about standard I.D.3. The standard states :

There must be documented ongoing communication between the sponsor and its affiliates for exchange of information and coordination of the program.

Do I need to provide every email to all my affiliates? I’m not sure if I kept all those emails, will I be cited for non-compliance?


Mr. Email Deleter

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By Dianne M. Cearlock, Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Swartz, IT Manager

The Annual Survey of Programs was disseminated to program directors of 613 NAACLS accredited and approved programs in late 2017. Submission of the completed survey is required annually by the accreditation and approval standards. Presented here are data indicating numbers of NAACLS accredited and approved programs and graduates, certification examination pass rates, graduation rates, and placement rates. Also included are data reflecting trends in program resources and program director turnover.

Ten (10)-year longitudinal data for the numbers of programs by program type appear in Table 1. The data reveal increases in the total number of programs from 479 accredited and 63 approved programs in 2008 to 544 accredited and 67 approved programs in 2017 and that trend is seen for all program types except Cytogenetics (CG). In terms of the percentages of total programs, the most concentrated areas of growth are seen with Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) (16% increase from 2008-2017) and Histotechnician (HT)/Histotechnologist (HTL) (24% increase over the decade) programs. The numbers of Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) programs grew by 5%; the number of Phlebotomy (PBT) programs is essentially stable. The numbers of Diagnostic Molecular Science (DMS), Pathologists’ Assistant (PathA), and Clinical Assistant (CA) programs increased during the 10-year period but the statistical significance, if any, is difficult to determine based on the smaller numbers of programs. 

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For those of you attending our upcoming NAACLS Workshop on February 22nd, the accompanying materials were emailed out today.

If you have not received the email by the end of the business day, please check your spam folder. If you still did not receive the email, please call the office.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston!! Stay tuned to the NAACLS News for upcoming workshop announcements.

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We invite you to view the NAACLS 2017 Annual Report on our website.

The Annual Report includes a Message from the President, 2017 Program Data, 2017 Board of Directors’ Actions, 2017 Volunteers, Statements of Financial Position for FY ending June 30, 2017, and Rosters for the NAACLS Board, Review Committees and Staff.

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The summer 2018 cycle includes programs that will have site visits during spring 2018 and will be placed on the agenda for the summer 2018 meeting of the review committees. Recommendations from the committees will be acted upon by the Board in fall 2018.

MLS Programs:

Andrews University Program for Medical Laboratory Science, Berrien Springs, MI

Arkansas State University, State University, AR

Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, GA

Ascension – Saint Elizabeth Hospital, Appleton, WI

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, FL

Conemaugh Memorial Hospital, Johnstown, PA

Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale, NY

Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, FL (Initial)

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By Bill Hunt, MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM

As we approach the end of the year a quick reminder that NAACLS is requesting public comments on the proposed changes to the Pathologist Assistant Program requirements and the proposed changes and “updates” to the DCLS standards. During my time on the board it is surprising that minimal comments come forward when changes are proposed. It is important that we hear your voice, so please submit your comments by January 9, 2018. Details about how to submit may be found on the website or in an earlier blog post.

Our programs are not static and NAACLS must continue to develop standards to adapt.  Although I teach laboratory operations for a hospital based program and serve on the Advisory Committee I am not a full time instructor. As I look back at my career I am struck by the great instructors who taught me Medical Laboratory Science so many years ago that have shaped my professional career.

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