On November 26, 1973, the Articles of Incorporation were signed to establish the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. NAACLS was named the successor to the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Schools. This issue of the CEO Corner will focus on the past fifteen months, highlighting the various accomplishments of NAACLS, […]

NAACLS is seeking candidates for our Programs Review Committees. We encourage those interested to self-nominate as well as nominate others. If you received a nomination/self-nominated in the past and were not elected and are still interested, please feel free to self-nominate again this year. More often than not, those elected to a review committee were […]

The NAACLS Board of Directors requests public comment on the proposed standard changes. Instructions on how to submit public comment is located within the document. Comments submitted through the instructions details below will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, comments posted on listservs and social media will not be collected. Please note these would […]

NAACLS is pleased to announce the launch of two new accreditation avenues. The pathways are Medical Laboratory Microbiologist (MLM) and Public Health Microbiologist (PHM). NAACLS is ready to accept applications from MLM and PHM programs. MLM professionals perform, develop, evaluate, correlate, and assure accuracy and validity of laboratory information; direct and supervise applied/clinical laboratory resources […]

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