Proposed Change to Standard 7: Request for Public Comment

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2011)

The 2010 CHEA regulations require that accrediting agencies require of all programs accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognized accreditors the publication of outcomes measures in their published materials presented to students and applicants. The regulation is clear that it is the prerogative of the institution as to which outcomes measures are published. This NAACLS Board of Directors is requesting a period of public comment for a proposed Standards change to bring NAACLS into compliance with this CHEA requirement.

NAACLS Standard 7, which applies to both accredited and approved programs, identifies the items that must be provided to students, applicants and the public in the programs announcements and advertisement. These are currently listed as items A through M. The proposed change in the Standards is the addition of item N:

N. Outcomes measures

As explanation, the “grid” portion of the Guide, the section that identifies the narrative and documentation that should be included in the Self Study, would include, as required documentation: “AT LEAST ONE current outcomes measure must be included in the program’s published materials.”

Similarly, the paper review and site visit report forms would include a question: “AT LEAST ONE current outcomes measure is included in the program’s published materials. YES/NO”

The request of the Board is for a period of public comment for 30 days on this Standards change. This has been placed on the NAACLS website, and comment may be sent to me via email ( or letter. The comments will be reviewed and brought to the Board of Directors at the September Board Meeting.

Daniel Tice, Operations Manager

Please note while you able to comment below on the post, official comments on the standard change should be sent to Mr. Tice.

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