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If you follow the NAACLS News blog, you are aware that new Standards for Accreditation and Approval were adopted by the NAACLS Board of Directors last September. So, mission accomplished, end of project, right? Not by a long shot. This is only a way-point in a continuous process of review, revise, and improve.  Sound familiar?  It should since this is a routine pattern at NAACLS. The Standards, like most NAACLS documents, are living documents requiring periodic review and revision. The needs of the professions change, education methodologies change, accreditation and approval processes change. In order to keep pace, the Standards need regular review and revision. This portion of the process is finished for now, but it’s not rest time. Now it’s time to review and revise the associated documents and processes affected by the changes in the new Standards—think “aftershocks” in earthquake parlance.

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