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by Fred Rodriguez, Jr., MD,  President, NAACLS Board of Directors

Quality: a high level of value or excellence (

For many persons, “quality” is like art. They know what they like when they see it, but when asked to specify the criteria used to determine “like”, answers are often vague and illogical. The vagueness and illogic comes from the characteristic of assigning “value” when assessing “quality”. Assigning “value” is extremely variable and personal, and is the basis for the cliché “what is treasure to some, is trash to others”. (Just watch the TV shows “Pawn Stars” or “American Pickers” on the History Channel.) 

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by Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Most program officials are probably familiar with the roles and responsibilities of site visitors and many are aware of the activities of the Review Committee on Accredited Programs (RCAP) and the Program Approval Review Committee (PARC). But how many know of the work of the Quality Assurance Committee? The Quality Assurance (QA) Committee is a standing committee of the NAACLS Board of Directors and is mandated to meet prior to every Board meeting. The overarching goals of this committee are 1) to support an ongoing quality enhancement program that addresses quality in the accreditation and approval processes, and 2) to identify, prioritize, and resolve problems indentified in those processes. Membership on this committee includes representation from all facets of the NAACLS review processes such that all steps in program reviews come under scrutiny before final decisions are made. Achieving this goal takes a village of NAACLS volunteers and staff.

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