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By Jerry A. Phipps, BS, BHS

President, NAACLS Board of Directors

As many NAACLS volunteers and blog subscribers know, I will be representing NAACLS in Doha, Qatar on June 13 when the MLS program at the University of Qatar celebrates its 30th year of NAACLS accreditation and will be awarded a seven (7) year continuing accreditation award. I have been asked to give a short talk on the qualifications of their Biomedical Sciences Program. This is a great honor for NAACLS and me, to be included in a celebration for a successful program as well as to visit an exotic location not on my usual travel itineraries. While considering my comments for the celebration, I was suddenly (and pleasantly) inspired with thoughts which would cover both that assignment and my President’s Message for the Blog. Trust me when I say that developing a topic for these blog postings is not easy for me, a circumstance shared with several past NAACLS Presidents (good luck, Fred Rodriquez!).

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