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By Fred Rodriguez, MD President, NAACLS Board of Directors  “inertia: indisposition to motion, exertion, or change” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Many individuals seek comfort in the “status quo.” They seek to be “inert.” They work to develop an understanding of the existing situation and “rules” in order to achieve a “comfort zone” in the here and […]

Dear Dr. NAACLS: I am currently preparing to assemble my Self-Study Report, and remembered there was a recent addition to Standard 7, which states that, “Students must be provided with a clear description of the program and its content and current publications, which must include: N. outcomes measure.”  Do I have to use ASCP-BOC certification […]

In the Summer 2011 issue of NAACLS News, NAACLS President Peggy Simpson discussed the change to a focus on program outcomes as they relate to student readiness for clinical education. This is only one of the many factors currently impacting laboratory education programs across the country. The economic state of affairs is forcing hospitals and […]

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