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By Jerry A. Phipps, BS, BHS President, NAACLS Board of Directors As many NAACLS volunteers and blog subscribers know, I will be representing NAACLS in Doha, Qatar on June 13 when the MLS program at the University of Qatar celebrates its 30th year of NAACLS accreditation and will be awarded a seven (7) year continuing […]

If you follow the NAACLS News blog, you are aware that new Standards for Accreditation and Approval were adopted by the NAACLS Board of Directors last September. So, mission accomplished, end of project, right? Not by a long shot. This is only a way-point in a continuous process of review, revise, and improve.  Sound familiar?  […]

Fact:  The accreditation process is difficult and tedious.  All involved in the process, both educational program officials and NAACLS volunteers/staff know this well.  To moderate the negative aspects, NAACLS has nurtured an underlying paradigm:  To simplify and improve the process for all involved, utilizing computer technology.  To accomplish this, NAACLS has been exploring the concept […]

Most people reading this blog are well acquainted with the routine functions performed by NAACLS–reviewing educational programs in the clinical laboratory sciences and granting accreditation or approval. These are very important functions for a wide range of stakeholders, arguably every person in the USA and several other countries. In order to accomplish these functions, and […]

Many of you know that I am the new President of NAACLS and that I am a Pathologist’s Assistant, the first PA to hold this prestigious position. Some of you have encountered PA’s in your laboratory practice and have at least a fleeting understanding of the roles and functions PA’s perform in the realm of […]

NAACLS is thrilled to announce Jerry Phipps as its new Board of Directors President. Mr. Phipps is a Pathologists’ Assistant and has been a faculty member at the University of Florida – College of Medicine Department of Pathology in Gainesville, Florida, for 26 yrs. Jerry and his wife, Janet, have been married for 34 years […]

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