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Starting today, the required NAACLS Annual Report is being sent via email to program directors of all NAACLS Accredited and Approved Programs.  The email being sent out will contain a link which program directors will be able to use to access the report online.  The report can only be completed online using the link provided […]

Survey dissemination and data: The Annual Survey of Programs (Joint Survey), a collaborative effort of NAACLS and the Board of Certification (BOC), was disseminated to the program directors of 595 NAACLS accredited and approved programs in 2013. Submission of the completed survey is required annually by NAACLS accreditation and approval standards. Presented here are data […]

The Joint Annual Survey of Programs has been released. It was sent from the ASCP. Please remember this is required of all Accredited/ Approved programs who had students in 2010-2011. If you did not receive an email, contact If you would like to prepare your answers ahead of time, go to this link:

The Annual Survey of Programs, a collaborative effort of NAACLS, the ASCP-Board of Certification (ASCP-BOC), and the American Medical Association (AMA), was disseminated to program directors of 552 NAACLS accredited and approved programs. Submission of the completed survey is required annually by the Standards for NAACLS programs. Presented here are data indicating numbers of NAACLS […]

Dear Dr NAACLS: Our program had some administrative changes a year ago. I included this change on our annual survey last year, but NAACLS still has the old administrative changes in its records. How do I get that changed? Sincerely, Confused Program Director Dear Confused: It’s Spring. The snow is melting, the flowers are budding […]

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