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Fact:  The accreditation process is difficult and tedious.  All involved in the process, both educational program officials and NAACLS volunteers/staff know this well.  To moderate the negative aspects, NAACLS has nurtured an underlying paradigm:  To simplify and improve the process for all involved, utilizing computer technology.  To accomplish this, NAACLS has been exploring the concept of an Online Accreditation Management System (OAMS) for the past several years, reviewing and evaluating competing systems and providers.  At last I am happy to announce that NAACLS has contracted with Desert Rose Design to custom build an OAMS for NAACLS, an investment in the agency’s future that will revolutionize the NAACLS accreditation process.  Desert Rose Design has expertise in streamlining workflow of educational program accreditation and finding ways technology can enhance symbiotic relationships between accreditors, programs and volunteers. Development of the OAMS and website re-design will be a collaborative effort between NAACLS and Desert Rose Design (DRD).  In a late phase of the project, Desert Rose Design will construct a new user-friendly website for NAACLS. 

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