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Dear Dr. NAACLS, I am working on my self study and I have a question about standard I.D.3. The standard states : There must be documented ongoing communication between the sponsor and its affiliates for exchange of information and coordination of the program. Do I need to provide every email to all my affiliates? I’m […]

Dear Dr. NAACLS, I am the program director of a NAACLS accredited program, and my program is scheduled to have a site visit next spring.  In an effort to make this visit go as smoothly as possible, I would like to lend a hand in selecting the individuals that visit my program.  I am looking […]

Dear Dr. NAACLS, I am a program director of a NAACLS accredited program, and I keep a close eye on current events that are related to education.  I have heard a lot lately about legal actions that unsatisfied students are taking against the schools they are attending.  What were to happen if a student at […]

Dear Dr. NAACLS, What do NAACLS reviewers consider “continuing professional education “? Sincerely, Clueless in Caledonia, MO Dear Caledonia, If you are a current Program Director, or have worked alongside a retiring Program Director and are looking to assume that position, you know that there are many skills required of that position. With that in […]

Dear Dr. NAACLS, What is the purpose and intent of Standard V.D. in regards to a “teach out plan”? Signed, Dr. Curious Dear Dr. Curious, Standard V.D. states the following: “A teach out plan must be developed and submitted to NAACLS within 30 days of the    official announcement of the closure of the program.”

Dear Dr. NAACLS, I was reviewing the 2012 Standards for my MLS program. I could not find any phlebotomy requirements with the rest of the curriculum in Standard VII. Am I missing something? Sincerely  Needle in a Haystack. Dear Needle, You are not missing anything. As of the 2012 standards, NAACLS Accredited MLS programs are […]

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