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by Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD and CEO and Mark Spence, Volunteer Services Manager The year 2020 brought a number of “first time ever” events to NAACLS. The COVID-19 pandemic really intensified in March in the United States. Schools at all levels closed their doors to in-person education and either suspended education entirely or shifted to […]

The NAACLS Review Committee on Accredited Programs (RCAP) and Program Approval Review Committee (PARC) met on July 12-14, 2017 at the beautiful and inspirational Hyatt Regency Tamaya in Albuquerque, NM for the annual face-to-face meetings. The committees meet several times a year, once face-to face, to review accreditation and approval materials, program progress reports, data […]

by Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD, Chief Executive Officer To meet accreditation and approval standards, NAACLS requires programs to post outcomes for certification exam pass rates, graduation rates, and placement rates in a location that is easily accessible by the public. There are multiple reasons for this requirement. The first reason is that NAACLS is committed to transparency […]

by Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD, Chief Executive Officer The year 2015 was notable as a period during which higher education accreditation was the target of criticism by the federal administration and lawmakers. While the criticisms were focused on regional or national accreditors of institutions, particularly those with “gatekeeping” privileges relative to student loans and grants, programmatic accreditors […]

by Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD, Chief Executive Officer NAACLS recently received a few inquiries regarding external recognition of accreditors by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the United States Department of Education (USDE). Fifteen years ago, the NAACLS Board of Directors voted to pursue CHEA recognition and to voluntarily withdraw from USDE recognition. This decision […]

Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD, Chief Executive Officer This is the year that NAACLS is transitioning to implementation of the 2012 Standards. Although it has been two years since the NAACLS Board of Directors adopted the new Standards, questions about interpretation of the Standards, what constitutes adequate documentation of compliance, setting appropriate benchmarks for outcomes, and other […]

by Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD, Chief Executive Officer Most program officials are probably familiar with the roles and responsibilities of site visitors and many are aware of the activities of the Review Committee on Accredited Programs (RCAP) and the Program Approval Review Committee (PARC). But how many know of the work of the Quality Assurance […]

by Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD, Chief Executive Officer A great assessment plan is the program director’s best marketing tool. Assessment may seem like just another responsibility of meeting NAACLS Standards, and that is true, but the savvy program director uses the assessment plan for so much more. The intended use of assessment is continuous quality improvement […]

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