NAACLS Standard Development – Call for Public Comment

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2022)

In efforts to remain relevant and competitive, the NAACLS Board of Directors has formed the Future and Emerging Professions Task Force (FEPTF). Their charge is to explore options whereby NAACLS has a process to expand the types of educational programs that may be granted accreditation.  The FEPTF has identified Medical Laboratory Microbiology (MLM) and Public Health Microbiology (PHM) as the first two areas of focus for new accreditation tracks. Many of the graduates from these programs will be eligible to take the ASCP Board of Certification categorical (technologist) examination in microbiology.

At the September 2022 Board of the Directors Meeting, the directors approved both sets of these unique standards to be sent for public comment. NAACLS is requesting feedback; both positive and negative is welcome.

Medical Laboratory Microbiology (MLM) Standards for Comment

Public Health Microbiology (PHM) Standards for Comment

Instructions on where to direct the public comment(s) are included with the proposed standards. Due to the informal nature of LISTSERV communications, comments or discussion posted on the CLS Educators LISTSERV will not be presented to or considered by the NAACLS Board of Directors.. NAACLS must receive all comments before the end of the business day December 11th, 2022. The comments will then be reviewed and brought before the Board of Directors at the April 2023 Board Meeting.

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