Dr. Norton German

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2022)

Steadfast NAACLS volunteer Dr. Norton German passed away Monday, August 29, 2022.

Dr. German served as a NAACLS volunteer in many capacities, beginning in 1973. That year, he was appointed to the Certified Laboratory Assistant Committee (CLA) and chaired it for two years. Thus began 32 years of service to accreditation and higher education.

In addition to the CLA committee, he was on the task force that drafted the 1977 MLT Essentials (a precursor to the NAACLS Standards). He served two elected terms on the Board of Directors beginning in 1981, extending his second term when requested. Upon completing his role with the Board of Directors, Dr. German was elected to the HT Committee and served two years as chair before becoming a member of the NAACLS Clinical Laboratory Sciences Programs Review Committee (CLSPRC). He was the histology discipline lead person for that committee and worked on several sets of Essentials and Standards until 2002.

Dr. German was elected to serve an additional four-year term on the CLSPRC. Upon completing his second term on CLSPRC, he accepted a short appointment to the NAACLS Affiliated Professions Review Committee APRC, which he completed in 2004.

In addition to committee and Board work, over the years, Dr. German completed numerous self-study reviews and site visits, many of the latter as team leader. He regularly reviewed self-studies and volunteered for site visits until 2005. Dr. Germain thoughtfully mentored committee members and site visitors while working closely with nearly all NAACLS Executive Directors and CEOs.

Few NAACLS volunteer have served in as many capacities as Dr. German. Contributions in his honor can be made to or .

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