Under the Microscope – March 2022

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2022)

What You May Have Missed

Outcomes Availability Policy – Effective April 1st

Starting April 1st, NAACLS will have a new compliance policy for standard IV.A.1.d.

Dr. NAACLS – Site Visit Preparation

RCAP Members Sally Pestana and Jennifer Knight and joined NAACLS Staff and discussed preparing for site visits.

Dr. NAACLS – Interim Reports, Progress Reports, and NAACLS at CLEC

RCAP member Dale Telgenhoff joined NAACLS Staff members as we discussed Progress Reports, Five Year Interim Reports and a preview of NAACLS activities at CLEC.


NAACLS Staff presents details of NAACLS Activities at CLEC 2022, including how to sign up for the NAACLS virtual booth.

2021 Annual Report

The Annual Report includes a Message from President Dr. Maribeth Flaws, 2021 Program Data, 2021 Board of Directors’ Actions, 2021 Volunteer Site Visitors and Paper Reviewers, Statements of Financial Position for FY ending June 30, 2021, and Rosters for the NAACLS Board, Review Committees and Staff.

Coming Soon

Dr. NAACLS – Standard II

Join NAACLS Staff and volunteer content experts as we discuss Standard II. Date, to be determined. A registration notice will be posted to the NAACLS news as soon as the details have been finalized.

From Where We Sit

The review committee chairs discuss writing objectives.

CEO’s Corner

NAACLS CEO Dianne Cearlock authors a retrospective on DCLS accreditation.

President’s Report

This feature is published twice a year by NAACLS, but the first by current NAACLS Board President, Dr. Maribeth Flaws.

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