Under the Microscope – December 2021

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2021)

What You May Have Missed

NAACLS Board of Directors Update

NAACLS CEO Dr. Dianne Cearlock provides an update on important changes to NAACLS Standards and policies as a result of September 2021’s Board of Directors’ meeting. Links to up to the latest version of the documents are available as well..

Dr. NAACLS – Board of Directors Update

NAACLS Board of Directors President, Maribeth Flaws, joins NAACLS Staff to review decisions made at the September 2021 Board of Directors’ meeting, as well as answering non BoD meeting questions.

Dr. NAACLS -March 2022 Workshop and NAACLS at CLEC Preview

The NAACLS 2021 Survey of Programs, which all accredited and approved programs are required to Review committees members Candi Grayson and Rita Miller join NAACLS Staff to preview their March 2022 workshop, as well as NAACLS related activities at CLEC 2022.

Introducing New NAACLS Board and Review Committee Members

Meet the new NAACLS Board of Directors and Review Committee members!

Significant Policy Changes Presented for Public Comment

The NAACLS Board of Directors is requesting public comment for potential significant changes to NAACLS policies and procedures. All comments must be submitted by the end of business on February 1st, 2022.

Coming Soon

Dr. NAACLS – Innovation and the Standards

Join NAACLS Board Vice President Marisa James, NAACLS CEO Dr. Dianne Cearlock and NAACLS Staff as we discuss opportunities to innovate within the requirements of the NAACLS Standards, as well as answering any questions you may have about NAACLS Standards, policies and procedures. Late January.


Our meeting planner Megan Eggert reports on NAACLS Activities at CLEC 2022.

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