Under the Microscope – November 2021

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2021)

What You May Have Missed

Dr. NAACLS – Becoming a NAACLS Volunteer

In October, RCAP Chair Andrea Gordon and NAACLS Staff discussed becoming a NAACLS volunteer as well as answering general questions.

Dr. NAACLS – Board of Directors Update

NAACLS Board of Directors President, Maribeth Flaws, joins NAACLS Staff to review decisions made at the September 2021 Board of Directors’ meeting, as well as answering non BoD meeting questions.

Annual Survey

The NAACLS 2021 Survey of Programs, which all accredited and approved programs are required to complete, is due November 15th. If you have not received your survey email, contact immediately.

From Where We Sit

Our three review committee chairs (Brenda Barnes, Laura Ahonen and Andrea Gordon) author this piece about innovation, the DCLS and lessons learned that apply to all program times.

Coming Soon

Dr. NAACLS – Pre-CLEC Workshop Preview

Join review committees members Candi Grayson and Rita Miller, as well as NAACLS Staff as we preview the Pre-CLEC March workshop. After the preview, we’ll take any questions of attendees. Registration for the event is required.

Introducing New Members

Meet the new members of NAACLS Board of Directors and review committees.

Board of Directors Update

NAACLS CEO Dr. Dianne Cearlock provides an update on important changes to NAACLS Standards and policies as a result of September 2021’s Board of Directors’ meeting. NAACLS Staff will provide links to updated core documents at this time.

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