Under the Microscope – August 2021

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)

Welcome to a new feature of the NAACLS News, Under the Microscope . Every second Wednesday of the month, the NAACLS Staff will post links to articles you may have missed over the past couple months, as well as a preview of what we have planned.

What You May Have Missed.


NAACLS CEO Dr. Dianne Cearlock announced her intent to retire in 2022. NAACLS has started its search process. Interested parties must submit all application material by August 28th; full details are available in the linked NAACLS News post.

Dr. NAACLS – November Workshop Preview

NAACLS Staff will be offering a monthly interactive experience between Program Directors, NAACLS Volunteer Content Experts, and NAACLS Staff. August’s virtual event will preview the November workshop before opening up to general Q&A. To register, click here.

President’s Report: NAACLS – New Dawn

President Peter Hu gives an overview of NAACLS’s new strategic plan, in his last President’s Report before his term expires in September.

Coming Soon

From Where We Sit

Next month, the chairs of all three review committees collaborate on their inaugural feature, From Where We Sit. Twice a year, the review committee chairs will provide their perspective on a variety of topics. This September, From Where We Sit will feature a discussion on innovation and the NAACLS Standards.

Dr. NAACLS – Standard IV and Transparency

September’s Dr. NAACLS event will feature a discussion on NAACLS public disclosure requirements. To register, click here.

Board of Directors Update

NAACLS CEO Dr. Dianne Cearlock provides an update on changes to NAACLS Standards and policies as a result of September 2021’s Board of Directors’ meeting. NAACLS Staff will provide links to updated core documents at this time.

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