Dr. NAACLS – November Workshop Preview

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2021)

Yesterday, NAACLS announced a revamp of the NAACLS News.

On August 18th, at 11 AM Central, NAACLS will be hosting the first of our new Dr. NAACLS virtual events.

Part of our NAACLS News refresh provides more opportunities for NAACLS program directors to interact with NAACLS Staff and content experts. Each month NAACLS will host a “Dr. NAACLS” event. These events will be an interactive virtual session between NAACLS program directors, volunteers, and staff to answer any policy and standard-related questions program directors may have.

Each month will have a theme; for example, the August 18th session will preview the November NAACLS Workshop. However, there will be time allotted during every Dr. NAACLS event for any question, not just pertaining to the month’s theme.

Registration for the event is required. Please follow the link to register.

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