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(Last Updated On: December 1, 2021)

NAACLS Staff spent the past year discussing how to provide more relevant content for program directors and volunteers. After helpful feedback from the Board of Directors, NAACLS developed a content schedule that will feature classic staples of the NAACLS News, new opportunities for our most experienced volunteers to provide valuable perspectives, and re-imagined concepts for more interaction between program directors, our content experts, and NAACLS Staff.

Regular features on the NAACLS News will include the following:

President’s Report

NAACLS will continue to provide insight from the current NAACLS Board of Director’s President. NAACLS Staff is always thrilled to have the Board President contribute to the NAACLS News, and these articles will continue to post every August and March.

CEO’s Corner

The CEO’s Corner will carry on through the NAACLS News refresh. The NAACLS CEO will offer perspectives on relevant NAACLS topics every February and July.

From Where We Sit

Perhaps no one is more plugged into current trends of NAACLS’ review practices than our review committee chairs. DRC, RCAP, and PARC chairs will collaborate on articles every September and April, sharing their experiences with NAACLS program directors.


NAACLS is breathing new life into an old idea, based on our experience at CLEC 2021’s successful “Coffee with NAACLS” event. Dr. NAACLS will be an interactive video conference held monthly with one to two NAACLS volunteers, NAACLS staff, and anyone available to participate. Dr. NAACLS will have a rotating theme each month but allow time for questions and answers on any NAACLS related topic. The day and time of this event will vary from month to month to accommodate as many schedules as possible. NAACLS Staff will make recordings of these monthly events available on the NAACLS YouTube page.

Under the Microscope

NAACLS Staff wants to make sure you don’t miss any of the exciting plans we have developed. Every second Wednesday of the month, we will feature publish Under the Microscope, a recap of the previous month’s content, as well as a notice of what is coming the month ahead. Get in the habit of visiting the NAACLS News every second Wednesday, so you are up to date on recent posts and get an idea of what is coming soon.

Beyond the above regularly featured articles, the NAACLS News will feature articles or interactive sessions focusing on program innovation, new program director education, and more. In addition to revising the kind of material we share, we are updating the look of the NAACLS News. If you are reading this at, no doubt you have noticed a difference. Over the next few months we will continue to tweak the layout, to bring more features to our readers.

NAACLS Staff is excited to put these new ideas into practice and is confident that this refresh will benefit our subscribers.

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