NAACLS CEO to Retire in 2022

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2021)

In August 2022, after 16 years with NAACLS, I will begin my next adventure by retiring.

In a well known movie, Queen Elizabeth II says to Tony Blair, “You are my 10th Prime Minister”. Recently I realized I will be able to say to my last NAACLS President, “You’re my 9th President”. What I discovered during my time with NAACLS is that all Board compositions take on a unique collective personality. I have enjoyed getting to know them all and collaborating with them.

Over 16 years, a few NAACLS staff members have retired or left for other opportunities but there still remains a core that preceded my time at NAACLS. And, of course, NAACLS also has more recent additions to the staff. All of my co-workers are exemplary professionals and it has been my privilege to work with them.

NAACLS volunteers constantly amaze me by their remarkable dedication to NAACLS, the tasks at hand, the breadth of their vision, and collegiality.

My personal plans for the next adventure are not fixed but I am pretty sure they will involve (in no particular order): dogs, cooking, editing (something…anything!), time with friends and family, gardening/landscaping, and hopefully a trip to see the Northern Lights.

I thank all the members of the NAACLS community for the opportunity to serve you as CEO of NAACLS and hope to keep in touch will many of you after retirement.

My best to you,


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