NAACLS Review Committees Meet – Summer 2018

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2018)

The NAACLS review committees convened for face to face meetings this summer. The Doctoral Review Committee (DRC) met in the NAACLS office in Rosemont, Illinois  on June 14-15. In attendance were the DRC members, staff, and Julie O’Sullivan Maillet, who serves as the Board liaison to the DRC. The DRC focused on developing ancillary materials to the DCLS Standards. These materials will be considered for adoption by the NAACLS Board of Directors in the fall.

The Review Committee on Accredited Programs (RCAP) and the Programs Approval Review Committee (PARC) convened on July 11-13 in Austin TX. In attendance were RCAP and PARC members, several staff members, and NAACLS Board of Directors’ members Bill Hunt (President), Marcia Armstrong (Board Liaison to the RCAP), and Pat Ellinger (Board Liaison to the PARC). The RCAP and PARC reviewed materials from a number of NAACLS accredited and approved programs including self-study reports,  site visit reports and progress reports and formulated many recommendations for accreditation and approval awards to be forwarded to the Board for decisions in the fall.

Board members (l to r) Marcia Armstrong (RCAP liaison), Pat Ellinger (PARC liaison), and Bill Hunt (President)
RCAP Members Andrea Gordon and Sally Pestana

Departing members Angela Norwood (PARC) and Evelyn Paxton (RCAP) were honored for their service on their respective committees.

DeAnne Maxwell (RCAP Chair), Evelyn Paxton (departing RCAP member), Bill Hunt (Board President)
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