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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2018)

Dear Dr. NAACLS,

I am working on my self study and I have a question about standard I.D.3. The standard states :

There must be documented ongoing communication between the sponsor and its affiliates for exchange of information and coordination of the program.

Do I need to provide every email to all my affiliates? I’m not sure if I kept all those emails, will I be cited for non-compliance?


Mr. Email Deleter

Mr. Email Deleter,

At the last joint committee meeting, PARC and RCAP collaborated to provide some clarification on what should be submitted for this standard.

Programs are required to submit two things. First, a narrative outlining the methods of communication between the sponsor, and their affiliates, as well as examples supporting your narrative. For hospital-based programs utilizing multiple clinical facilities, provide documentation between locations students are placed and the sponsor. See our Standard Compliance Guide for examples of what that types of documentation are acceptable.

Since our committees and Board are made up of educators and program directors, we realize the need to allow programs the freedom to implement practices that they feel will best serve their program. While not possible for every standard, this is an example of where you are encouraged to develop your own strategy that best serves your program. You will just need to provide a narrative explaining this strategy, and examples demonstrating that you are following your own policies.

Hope this clears it up!


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