President’s Report – NAACLS Moving Forward

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

By Bill Hunt, MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM

As we approach the end of the year a quick reminder that NAACLS is requesting public comments on the proposed changes to the Pathologist Assistant Program requirements and the proposed changes and “updates” to the DCLS standards. During my time on the board it is surprising that minimal comments come forward when changes are proposed. It is important that we hear your voice, so please submit your comments by January 9, 2018. Details about how to submit may be found on the website or in an earlier blog post.

Our programs are not static and NAACLS must continue to develop standards to adapt.  Although I teach laboratory operations for a hospital based program and serve on the Advisory Committee I am not a full time instructor. As I look back at my career I am struck by the great instructors who taught me Medical Laboratory Science so many years ago that have shaped my professional career.

On November 4th a group of colleagues and former graduates had a birthday party for my Program Director at Temple University who turned 90. Nellie “Patsy” Bering gave me a student membership to ASMT all those years ago. She had a remarkable career. Patsy was the President of ASMT (predecessor of ASCLS) in 1961. She was on the committee representing ASMT that together with ASCP members created NAACLS. It was she who instilled that a career in the laboratory would be a lifetime of learning and change. After all, when I graduated in 1982 molecular/genetic testing was not part of the education program and now it is imbedded in medical laboratory science program’ curricula. All of the NAACLS accredited programs have evolved over time as scientific knowledge has grown and changed.

Educators on this blog have all innovated to create programs that have improved the education of their students. You should be applauded for your ability to produce excellent outcomes while managing the never ending challenge of funding. NAACLS survives due to the dedicated volunteers who serve on committees, review program self studies and perform site visits. We thank all of you. If you are not a NAACLS volunteer please consider jumping on board.

As for Nellie “Patsy” Bering, she just bought a car and she isn’t that thrilled. Not because of all the computerized features that need to be programmed, but because the suspension isn’t smooth and she feels every pot hole in the road. That line could easily describe one of my lectures. I just hope that I’m as sharp as she is when I hit the 90th milestone. Starting this year I am reminding the students that although they think I’m old, when they are my age now, and I turn 90 they had better be throwing me a party!!


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