Introducing NAACLS’ New Board of Directors’ President

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2017)

NAACLS is very pleased to introduce its new Board of Directors’ President, William H. Hunt, MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM. Mr. Hunt was a nominee from the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) and was elected by the NAACLS Board of Directors as Representative in 2010. He served as Secretary from 2011-2013, Treasurer from 2013-2015, Vice President from 2015-2016 and President-Elect from 2016-2017. He is the Administrative Director of Laboratory Services at Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH) in Philadelphia, PA.

We are pleased to feature a Q&A with our new Board of Directors’ President:

Please provide a brief synopsis of your professional background:

I never believed that I would be President of NAACLS when I graduated from Temple University with a degree in Medical Technology in 1982. Nor could I imagine being the Administrative Director of Laboratory Services at Pennsylvania Hospital (University of Pennsylvania Health System UPHS). I began work in the Hematology Laboratory at Temple and then left to work at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Hematology prior to starting a part time position at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP-UPHS) in Hematology in 1985. From there I became Lead Technologist of Hematology, Technical Specialist of Hematology and then took a step back to work on the bench in Tissue Typing at HUP and returned to school to get my MBA in Production and Operations (the concentration is now Decision Sciences) from Drexel University. While in graduate school, I became Supervisor of Central Specimen Processing (CSP) at HUP, then Technical Manager of the Automation Laboratory (Hematology-Chemistry-CSP) at HUP.  In 2004, I transferred to my current role at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Please tell us about your current professional position, title, what you do, how long you have worked in this position:

Since 2004, I have been the Administrative Director of Laboratory Services at Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH).  PAH is the nation’s oldest hospital founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1751 with his friend Dr. Thomas Bond. The laboratory at PAH has 104 staff members including seven supervisors, covering the gamut of Clinical and Anatomic Pathology laboratory services.  In addition, PAH has an MLS school (hospital based program) which opened in 1946. Although I do teach laboratory operations, most of my role is managing the laboratory budget, LIS, regulatory issues, quality and being the liaison with the health system answering laboratory related questions.

How long have you served on the NAACLS Board? What positions have you held at NAACLS?

 I began serving on the NAACLS BOD in September 2010 as the ASCLS Laboratory Administrator Representative.  In the intervening years I have served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President-Elect.  My second term on the Board will be completed at the end of my term as President.

What goals do you have as the Board of Directors’ President?

The NAACLS goals set by the BOD naturally become my goals. Over the next two years I would like to have a more structured way of setting NAACLS goals. Personally, I would like to see a heavier emphasis on customer service.

Please tell us about your family.

I just married Kevin Motroni and now have a dog named Cody. (Don’t tell Cody he is a dog.) Kevin has moved from Hometown, PA (yes, an actual place). We live outside Philadelphia.  My Dad and Brother and his family live in Coventry, Connecticut.  Both my Dad and brother live on the Christmas tree farm where I grew up.  During the holiday season, dad dresses as Santa Claus and the beard is real. Since I look like my father if this lab gig doesn’t work out I have a fall back career plan!!

 What do you like to do for recreation or fun?

Fun for me is gardening mostly with shade perennials and a few annuals for color. When I go to meetings I normally try to tack on an extra day and visit the local botanical garden. My vacations are normally planned around visiting gardens and when in England you will find me visiting two or more a day.

How would you complete the following sentence: “The thing most people would find interesting about me is …?”

I wouldn’t say interesting…more surprising.

My dad was stationed in Japan, met my mother in Fuchinobe, Kanagawa-Ken and they married in Yokohama.  My mother passed away when I was young and many people don’t realize that my Dad’s wife is my stepmother.  Friends come over for the first time and they are surprised to see photos of Japanese relatives and other common Japanese utensils.

 Is there anything about you that you would like to add that I might have missed?

My first interaction with NAACLS came my 2nd week at Pennsylvania Hospital when the school received a letter placing the school on Administrative Probation because of the education qualifications of the interim program director. There were only four students and it was apparent we had two choices. We needed to commit more resources and increase enrollment (to deal with staffing shortages throughout UPHS) or unfortunately, close the program.  Working with the corporate human resource department, other hospitals in the health system and senior leadership we implemented the study to work program for students meaning no tuition, if the student committed to two years working post-graduation at any of the UPHS entities. We also expanded clinical rotations to multiple UPHS sites, which enriched education. The school currently has nine students with preliminary plans to expand.

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