Get Ready for the New NAACLS Website, starting July 26th, 2016

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2016)

Soon you will see a new NAACLS Website. In addition to developing an Accreditation Management System (AMS) with our partners at Indigo Interactive, we are also redesigning and improving our current website.

NAACLS listens to our public’s comments about the usability of the current website, and the challenges when trying to navigate through it. The new website is designed with our audience and their needs as the top priority.

(Editor’s Note: Photos below are from the developmental stages of the site; the final product may have slight changes. Click to enlarge)


Most visitors to our fall into three categories: Students, Program Directors, and Volunteers. The new website features clear paths to the information those different audiences need.

Web Home

Student Pages

At NAACLS, questions from students who are looking for NAACLS accredited or approved programs rivals the phone calls and emails we receive from Program Directors and Volunteers. In response, a specific section for potential students is a feature of the new website. Also highlighted under Students are the NAACLS appeals process and links of interest to students including professional organizations and scholarship opportunities.

Web Students

Find a Program

To facilitate accessing information about NAACLS accredited and approved programs, the “Find a Program” link is omnipresent on our new site. The “Find a Program” page will be tied to a program’s AMS Profile Page and the Annual Survey. Down the road, information provided on the Annual Survey will work in tandem with the AMS to populate this portion of our website.

However, we will still be in development of these components when the website becomes available to the public. Our “Find a Program” page will be evolving as the other parts of the AMS is developed.

Visitors will be able to find the NAACLS accredited or approved program in their location immediately, however, over time, we hope to provide a more robust view of these programs with more information.

Below is how that page may appear in the future.

Correct Find a Program

Program Directors

For Program Directors, all of our separate program type pages are streamlined to one page. Staff and Program Discipline Lead contact information for all program types is easily accessible. For new program directors, a summary of the initial accreditation or approval process is readily available.  You will also be able to find important documents in the sidebar here, and throughout the site.




NAACLS’ workshops are consistently booked to capacity so the new website gives our workshops a dedicated place. You will easily be able to find out about upcoming workshops. In addition, by CLEC 2017 we are hoping to have an online registration and payment portal for all workshops.

NAACLS   Workshops


Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. People who are interested in joining our volunteer corps have the resources they need on the new website. Until the AMS is fully released, you will be able to sign up to be a volunteer through the website.  (After the AMS is launched, this will be done with the AMS portal.) All requirements for becoming Site Visitors and Self Study Reviewers are also readily available.

NAACLS   Volunteers

The NAACLS and Indigo Interactive staff has worked diligently over the past year and a half to create a new website that will better serve NAACLS’ public. We are excited to introduce this new development and hope our visitors find it easy to use and full of information they need..

If you have a question about how to locate something on the new please do not hesitate to contact the office.

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