(Last Updated On: April 28, 2016)


By Dianne M. Cearlock, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

At the April 7, 2016 meeting of the NAACLS Board of Directors, in addition to accreditation and approval awards recommended by the RCAP and PARC, the following items were addressed:

  • Following a review of all public comments received by NAACLS, the Board adopted a change to Standard II.B.1 (Outcome Measures) to delete licensure from “External certification or licensure results”. NAACLS established a benchmark of 75% certification exam pass rate on a rolling three year average but has no set benchmark for licensure pass rates. Certification and licensure pass rates are two different student outcomes that cannot be combined or compared.
  • Following a review of all public comments received by NAACLS, the Board adopted a change to Standard VII.A.1 (Program Director Qualifications) to accept the the ASCPi credential for program directors.
  • Elections to Board, RCAP and PARC positions were held. Re-elected to the Board of Directors for a second term were Patricia Ellinger (ASCP representative) and Peter Hu (AGT representative). Elected to the Board for a first term were Lynne Brodeur (2-year educator), Joel Schilling (ASCP representative), and Mark Bailey (NSH representative). These newly elected members will replace Sondra Flemming, Fred Rodriguez, and Jennifer MacDonald, respectively. Re-elected to the RCAP for a second term was Patricia Bascom (PathA practitioner). Elected to the RCAP for a first term was Ramona Fox (MLS educator), Jeanne Isabel (MLS educator), Andrea Gordon (MLT educator), Eric Elsinghorst (DMS educator), and Jun Gu (CG educator). Appointed by President Simonian to the RCAP to complete the term of Mark Bailey (newly elected Board member) was Dale Telgenhoff (HT educator). Re-elected for a second term on the PARC was Brenna Ildza (phlebotomy educator). Elected for a first term on the PARC were Marilyn McCain (phlebotomy practitioner), Rex Famitangco (CA educator), and Andrea Stone (CA Educator).
  • Adopted was an updated version of the NAACLS Bylaws. This document is available to the public upon request.
  • The NAACLS Annual Volunteer Report – 2015 is available on the NAACLS website under Announcements. This report contains a summary of the evaluations of recent self study reviews, site visit teams, and site visit reports as well as several informative articles beneficial to both NAACLS’ program directors and volunteers.
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