Dr. NAACLS – What is a Discipline Lead Person?

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2013)


I’m a new program director, and I see people listed on your website as “Discipline Lead Person”. Who are these people?


Ima Intrigued

Dear Ms. Intrigued,

The Discipline Lead Person (occasionally referred to as “DLP”) is a NAACLS committee member appointed by the respective committee chair. The specific role of a DLP is to provide interpretation of the Standards to program officials. The DLP keeps track of all inquiries and makes reports back the committee. By this process, NAACLS is able to both assist program officials understand the Standards and to track the number and kinds of question that program officials have. Frequently this tracking is followed by articles posted in the NAACLS News covering common problem areas.

It is important to remember that NAACLS Staff Program Coordinators and Accreditation Specialists may not have laboratory or teaching experience or education. They certainly can assist with procedural questions about the cycle, or the process to become an accredited or approved program, but DLPs are experienced educators, clinical laboratory professionals, and NAACLS volunteers. They have practical knowledge from both sides of the process, as educators who have prepared curricular and/or accreditation documents, and as volunteers that have reviewed preliminary reports, self studies, or participated in site visits. These experiences can be valuable resources to a program director going through the accreditation process.

For example, let’s say you have a question about standard IV.B, providing “evidence” on student’s health and safety. Your Discipline Lead Person will be able to let you know specifically the kind of documentation a reviewer would be looking for.

You can find all the DLPs listed on the NAACLS website. Accredited programs can click here, and then click on your program type; approved programs can be found here.




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