NAACLS Annual Volunteer Report Aims to Highlight, Educate, & Inform

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2012)

The newest NAACLS Annual Volunteer Report is out, and our volunteers should be extremely pleased with their performance. Program Directors of NAACLS accredited/approved programs, however, should also be happy in knowing that NAACLS’ peer review process is showing an amazing amount of consistency, and even improvement, compared to last year’s first edition of the report.

In completing the “Post Site Evaluation Form”, Program Directors who went through the accreditation process in 2011 contributed a great deal to this report. Their evaluations of NAACLS Site Visitors were highlighted, along with evaluations of NAACLS Self-Study Reviewers by the Site Visit Team, and evaluations of the Site Visit Report by the Review Committee for Accredited Programs. The report also contains a number of education pieces related to the self-study that, while intended for NAACLS Volunteers, will give Program Directors some insight as to what NAACLS volunteers will be looking for in a self-study during the review process. In addition, updates and recent changes to documents and standards will continue to be represented in the report, reminding volunteers and Program Directors of anything new they need to be aware of in regards to the accreditation process.

Please visit our website for the whole report and see how NAACLS volunteers are performing. Also, if you are interested in volunteering in any way, the Annual Volunteer Report includes an updated Volunteer Information Form, along with descriptions of the types of volunteer opportunities that are offered.
By: Edward Rotchford, Accreditation Specialist

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