NAACLS News is Converting to a Blog Format

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2011)

For over 30 years the NAACLS News has been the primary way for NAACLS to inform our volunteers and programs of important updates regarding our accreditation process. After the fall newsletter the NAACLS News will be converted into a blog format. This evolution will allow staff to establish a more constant flow of information as well as allowing our readers easier access to a selection of our previous articles.

While, the term blog is often associated with a personal journal, it affords organizations an easy way to create and distribute information to interested parties. For readers, the advantage to a blog is the ability to establish a subscription. You may already be using a subscription service, or feed reader, through Google or Microsoft to keep updated on local or national news or sites that may focus on a specific interest such as recipes or movie reviews. Our blog will work in the exact same way. After you subscribe once we publish an article, your feed reader will be updated, and the article will be available to read.

For those who may not have the need to find a subscription service or feed reader, you can easily subscribe via email. Each time NAACLS publishes an article you receive an email with a link to the article. Whether you subscribe with a feed reader, via email, or choose to book mark the page and visit at your own leisure, we feel that the options available by the blog format will allow us to share NAACLS announcements, original articles or stories of interest easier and on a more regular basis.

We are eager to explore the potential of the new NAACLS News format and to continue providing our members with valuable information and resources.

By Mark Spence

Program Service Assistant

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